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FIC: All the Works and Days of Hands - River-centric - PG-13 - gen

Title: All the Works and Days of Hands
Author: [info - personal] hopefulnebula
Rating: Low PG-13
Summary: The Academy tries to teach River to fight. What she learns is to fight back. The time from River's acceptance letter to the end of Session 416, told from both River's perspective and the Academy's.
Characters: River, Simon, a bunch of OCs
Disclaimer: I'm not making any profit from this, and if you recognize it, I don't own it. (This goes for River's quotes and references as well: most everything she quotes directly - from Eliot to Dickinson - is public domain, and no copyright infringement is intended. If you want to know if something is a reference, please ask.)
Spoilers: Specific for The R. Tam Sessions, general for series and movie. Also, I borrow a very small bit from a previous fic of mine, but there's no need to have read it.
Notes: Thank you to my beta, [info - personal] faintdreams, for all her help - she's really been invaluable. Also, thank you to [info - personal] yvi for organizing the [info - community] firefly_bigbang, and [info - personal] exor674 for all her support.

All the Works and Days of Hands
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